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Hadeland, Norway

Gro Bergslien for Hadeland, Norway

1. Unique vase in black and red glass, 1960s.
Height 7 1/2" (19cm) Width 4 1/4" (11cm)
Engraved "Hadeland Gro"
$650 No. N8666
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Willy Johannsen for Hadeland

2. Lidded jar in clear and opaque green glass
Engraved "Hadeland 60 WJ"
Height 2 3/8" (6cm) Width 4 3/4" (12cm)
$465 No. N8066

Willy Johansen for Hadeland

3. Vase in gray and clear glass, with sandblasted surface, 1950s.
Engraved "Hadeland 2026 WJ"
Height 6 1/2" (16.5 cm) Width 2 1/2" (6.5 cm)
$1200 No. N7879
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4. Vase in gray and blue glass, with sandblasted surface, 1950s.
Engraved "T"
Height 4 3/4" (12cm) Width 2" (5cm)
$450 No. N9193
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Willy Johanssen for Hadeland, Norway

5. "Sommerso" gray glass cased in clear, 1959.
Engraved "Hadeland 59 WJ"
Height 7 3/4" (19.5 cm)
Width 5 1/2" (14 cm)
$485 No. N3560
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Hadeland, Norway

6. Handblown glass vase in blue glass, internally decorated with spiral threads of darker blue glass.
Engraved "Hadeland"
Height 7 1/2" (19cm) Width 4 3/4" (12cm)
$385 No. N7233
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Willy Johansen for Hadeland, Norway

7. Handblown glass bowl in gray and white glass, 1957.
Engraved "Hadeland -57 WJ"
Height 2" (5cm) Width 5 1/2" (14cm)
$220 No. N6760
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Willy Johansen for Hadeland, Norway

8. Handblown vase in blue and purple glass, cased in clear, c. 1950s-60s.
Engraved "Hadeland 2131 WJ"
Height 9 7/8" (25cm ) Width 3" (7.5cm)
$485 No. N5975
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Willy Johansen for Hadeland, Norway

9. Unique marble-effect glass vase in reds, oranges and black, 1950s-1960s.
Engraved "Hadeland WJ"
Height 6" (15cm ) Width 5" (13cm)
$985 No. N5963
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