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Miscellaneous glass

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John Lewis

Gunther Uecker

John Lewis, own studio, US

1. "Copper Guggenheim" large cast glass sculptural vessel with copper inlay with dark blue glass base, c.1990.
Height 12 3/4" (32.5cm) Width 13 3/4" (35cm) Depth 6" (15cm)
Etched "J. Lewis 90-38"
$5500 No. A1504
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Gunther Uecker for Rosenthal

2. Sculptural wall hanging in clear glass, 1975
Acid stamped "Rosenthal galerie Jahresteller in Glas 1975", "Uecker" signature, "2288/3000"
Diameter 15" (38cm)
$650 No. D6440

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sam herman

Pavel Hlava for Exbor, Czech Republic

3. Rectangular sommerso vase in blue, brown and clear glass with applied spiral illustration in silver leaf.
Height 5 3/4" (14.5cm) Width 6 3/4" (17cm)
$485 No. N9828
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Sam Herman, London, England

4. Unique blown glass vase in multicolored glass, 1981.
Height 11 1/2" (29 cm) Width " (cm)
Engraved "Samuel Herman 1981 CA13"
Bears paper label "Made in England"
$865 No. N8677
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5. Unique blown glass vase in multicolored glass, 1975.
Height 9 1/4" (23.5cm) Width 7" (18cm)
Engraved "SA 380", "Samuel Herman 1975"
$1,200 No. B3130
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Benny Motzfeldt


Benny Motzfeldt, Plus glassworks, Norway

6. Clear glass pitcher, internally decorated with air bubbles.
Acid stamped "PLUS BM NORWAY"
Width 5" (12.5cm) Height 7 1/8" (18cm)
$185 No. N3304

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Åfors, Sweden

7. Clear glass vase with engraved illustration of fish.
Height 5 3/4" (14.5 cm) Width 4" (10cm)
Engraved "Åfors O67 Fiska"
$365 No. N8716

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Schneider glass

Whitefriars, UK

8. Red glass vase with spiral ribbing.
Height 7" (18 cm) Width 5" (13cm)
$265 No. N7063

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Schneider glass for Ovington, France

9. Large handblown glass charger in red and blue glass, c. 1920s
Engraved "Schneider France Ovington New York"
Diameter 15 1/4" (39cm )
$865 No. N5988

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Benny Motzfeldt

Hanging lamp

Benny Motzfeldt, own studio, Norway

10. Unique handblown glass bowl, pink glass internally decorated with aventurine, 1975.
Engraved "BM 75"
Height 6" ( 15cm) Width 9 1/4" (23.5 cm)
$585 No. N3598

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Unknown maker

11. Hanging cylindrical lamp in pale blue glass, 1960s-70s.
Height 13 1/4" (33.5cm) Width 5" (12cm)
$485 No. N7468

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